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Alambrado is a Cultural Association that proposes itself to disclose danced it and the contemporary theatre in all its shapes through: cultural seminaries, stages, course, shows, reviews, encounter from 1997. Its activity is developed in two fields: that didactic and that performativo. In the conviction that every cultural group has the responsibility to form the public tomorrow, Alambrado collaborating with private public agencies and (Commission sport of the Quartiere1 Commission Young Culture and Commission of the Quartiere3, Alloy Dance UISP of Florence, Prodanza Italy di NewYork, multiple cultural associations) proposes from years run seguitissimi of Dance Contemporary, Classic, Modern Jazz, Break Dance, Hip-hop near the own operating center in via Great Britain 189 and near the Center Young Gavinuppia of Quarter 3. Alambrado has realized moreover in all Italy a series of plans of educational stamp that have been finance to you from the Quartiere3 mainly: course of formation for dancers and actors (1998-2000); realization of two videoclips "Videocreo 2001" "Videocreo 2003" in collaboration with the Association Movie Art; organization of multiple events performati to you (two christmas concerts rock, shows, shows of closing year). Alambrado has organized stages inviting personality of Contemporary Danza like: Roberto Castle, Alexander Certini, Simona Bucci, Parafava White woman, Alessandra Palm of Cesnola, Mark Alan Wilson, Yameli Rivas, Valentina Bordenave, Laura Simi, Damiano Foa, Enzo Procopio, Rafael Nieves. With the own ones run it has created an own company of dance with which it has gained two prizes to two different choreographic competitions; with the Councillorship to the Culture and the Quartiere3 it has participated to the summery shows fiorentini (Bulwarks 1997, Anconella 1998,1999,2000,2004) Festival of the Unit Fortress downstairs 2001; Fiorentino carnival public square of Lordship 2004; it has participated to important reviews to Bologna, Rome, Reggio Emilia, Pisa, Pistoia, Navy of Pietrasanta, Serravezza. In 2004 partcipa to the production of the show "Lisistrata forever" with direction of Duccio Barlucchi and choreographies of Liliana Candotti production of the Center Art Music Show of Quarter 3, shows to the Everest theatre, festival the Anconella summer and January 2005 to Siena to the theatre Of the Rozzi. In 2005 thanks to an other production of the Center Art Music and Show it has created "Mazes" direction of Manu Lalli and choreographies of Liliana Candotti.

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